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Wild Goose is on the way to becoming the world's largest free knowledgebase specialising in helping people discover just exactly what precious or unusual items they have in their homes, attics and barns. From furniture to pottery, from jewellery to toys, you name it, we want to help people identify it!

When you contribute to the Wild Goose you'll get to add links and accreditations promoting your sales and services. As the user database grows the more people will read. We even provide the facility for auctioneers to answer and help with specific problems via the comments box.

And the added benefit is that having links into your website from a highly ranked resource like Wild Goose will boost your own website's positions in the major search engines ... a win, win situation.

So, if you have any articles you'd like to publish, simply register at Gavelbox and we'll give you all the links and instructions.

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